A love of the land,
a respect for nature,
an innovation for tradition
and a passion for wine.

Sa Cabana is the land of our
vineyards and the label of our wines.
A family and much loved place where nature
and work fill our lives with meaning. The tradition
of the Mallorca countryside in innovative hands.
The natural flavor of the Mediterranean.
A celebration of everyday life.

The Wine Cellar

Family, land, work, grapes, tradition, innovation and wine.

Our winery is born from our own grapes, is nourished by Mallorca’s artisan tradition and is growing with the advances of new technologies.


Splendid grapes,
superb wines

Our grapes are harvested by hand; we transport them in 12 kg boxes to the winery, keep them in cold chambers for a minimum of twelve hours to avoid undesired oxidation and, after de-stemming, they are transferred to a tank for fermentation.