Our winery is born from our own grapes,
is nourished by Mallorca’s artisan tradition
and is growing with the advances
in new technologies.


Sa Cabana is an ancient agricultural property located in Binissalem (Mallorca), owned by our family (Codolá Bonet), and historically linked to the agricultural sector of the island. The estate, which houses and gives its name to our winery, has vines of different varieties, both Mallorcan and European, perfectly adapted to the soil and bioclimatic conditions. The extraordinary quality of our grapes led us to make wine, with such good results that we decided to go professional and incorporate outstanding technicians from the wine sector into our team.

Harvesting grapes

We research new
techniques and processes
that optimize the
traditional production

We fertilize our soil in a sustainable way and combine the traditional winemaking processes of Mallorca with innovative techniques in order to offer high-quality wines.

Sun over vines